• Tape In Pliers

    Kleště pro metodu Tape in

    Pliers with which you can easily and thoroughly press the tape when applying hair using the Tape in method.

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  • Comb with wide tooth Shark

    Hřeben s širokými zuby

    A brush with wide teeth is suitable for regular styling, owners of curly hair will also appreciate it.

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  • Easy Separator Clip

    Easy Separator Clip

    A simple tool that will help you divide strands when applying hair using the keratin or micro ring method. Two pieces in a package.

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  • Mini Hair Straightener - Pink

    Mini Hair Straightener - Pink

    Mini hair straightener in compact dimensions, suitable for traveling or quick adjustments during the day.

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  • Professional Hair Extensions Case

    Professional Hair Extensions Case

    A simple and practical hair case with a wooden hanger that is suitable for travel and home hair organization.

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  • Satin scrunchies - 6pcs

    Saténové gumičky do vlasů

    Quality scrunchies made from satin for a reasonable price.

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