Curly hair care

The care and nourishment of curly and wavy hair is much more difficult than care of straight hair. Curly hair have a tendency to be dry, without shine, frizzy and sometimes look kind of like a chemlon. With a right care you can suppress these negative features and enjoy nice looking curly hair with high volume. So what can you do to have yours and extended hair in the best condition?


Highly important is gentle care. Use cool to lukewarm water, not warm, to avoid drying. Don´t wash hair in forward bend to avoid make them tangled and rough. Do not rub them hard during washing. Apply the shampoo gently to hair skin and try to avoid circular moves. After shampoo we highly recommend to use a conditioner (after each washing) and a hair mask (at least 2 times a week). The most common fault of many women is using shampoo, wash down, then conditioner, wash down again and apply hair mask. Are you asking what is the problem? Here is a one important step they skip – remove redundant water from hair before using conditioner and hair mask. Too wet hair are not able absorb nourishment because the cosmetics cannot get into the hair structure and just slide down without any result. Do you use professional cosmetics but it seems like it is not working? Maybe that is the reason why. When rinse never rub your hair hard with a towel, but just gently drain them so it is ready for next step. After washing avoid hard rubbing by towel too.


Curly hair tends to have dry ends and be frizzy. Very important is hydratation. Use conditioners, mask, wraps, oils etc. Don´t forget to get rid of redundant water, as it is in the article above.


Brushing curly hair is a bit problematic. We recommend to use wide tooth detangling hair comb from wood or any other good quality material. You can also make it just with your hands after washing (if you use oil for hydratation its even better). Brushing dry curly hair could make them look more frizzy and it will loose their nice structure.


In case you really need to use hairdryer, then use it cool air and do not use hair brush.

Other hot-styling

As curly hair tends to be dry, avoind any hot styling.


Use professional hair cosmetics like sprays, dry oils or styling products (wax, gel).