The tape in method is becoming more and more popular among women around the world, but there is still a concern that the tape that forms the connection between the extended and their own hair may not be strong enough to withstand the daily strain. The opposite is true…

  1. Before application you must wash your hair with cleaning shampoo ( for example nettle shampoo). Don't apply conditioner, mask or oil to your hair. Your hair mustn't be greasy.
  2. At the first time you give tape under your hair and stick your hair on tape. Don't stick a lot of own hair in the middle of tapes, because connection wouldn't be very firm.
  3. On prepared tape from the bottom you stick another tape from the top.
  4. This connection slowly press from the middle to both ends. Between tapes shouldn't be any air left.
  5. Warm up this connection with flat iron and slowly press it again. You can use pliers for micro ring or tape hair method. It is better than your fingers.
  6. Don't wash your hair for at least first 3 days after application.

When we comply these rules for application tape hair, you can then even visit swimming pool, wellness without any worry of tape slipping.

After one or two months use a special remover for adhesive tape to move tape hair extensions closer to your head as your hair grow.

If your connection does not hold well you should repeat this procedure and follow each step precisely.

This special tape, absolutely gentle to your own hair, is very strong after drying and lasts almost anything. Of course, they have to take off somehow, so there are a few exceptions and things to watch out for.

  1. removal water - this special water is used to remove the tape in hair, so it is clear that when it comes into contact with the tape, it will logically allow
  2. too much hair between the strips - if it is too many of your own hair between the strips, the glue from each of them may not adhere perfectly to each other and thus the joint is not so strong and is more prone to loosening
  3. conditioner, mask, oil, softening sprays, etc. - these products tend to have highly hydrating and softening effects, so when in contact with the tape it disrupts the function of a special glue, the product wraps on the tape and it stops sticking and springs may slip. However, do not despair, it does not mean that you must not use your favorite products, they should not get to the roots of the hair and thus to the joints, always apply them only to lengths, ideally to the last two thirds of the length of the hair.
  4. hair dryer, iron, curling iron - as you probably saw when applying the hair tape to hold the tape better, the joint is heated for a few seconds with an iron, so the glue on the tape melts, we press the joint well so that the glue from both tapes connects well and everything held up perfectly. But if you do something similar sometimes while wearing a hair tape, ie. it will take longer to heat the tape in one place, you will basically do the opposite process and the tape may slip, or the tapes may slide apart, there will be a gap between them and this may cause it to slip after some time. What does this mean for you? Do not blow the hair dryer in only one place for a long time, do not run the hair straightener over the joints and do not keep the curling iron close to the joints.
  5. brush - never comb your hair wet, you apply a lot of pressure and you can either move the straps apart or tear the joint. Do not clean your hair immediately after applying it! Let the tape dry enough. (1 hour without combing after application should be plenty) It is definitely also recommended to use a special brush for extended hair.
  6. washing - after applying tape in, do not wash your hair for at least 2-3 days, again due to the perfect drying of the tape